Generators and power distribution

Generator hire in Guernsey

Regency Events has a large selection of single-phase and three-phase diesel generators to hire in Guernsey. We keep stocks of mobile generators in various power outputs to cater for the smallest to the largest of local events. Regency Events has been providing power distribution and generator hire in Guernsey since 1994.

Most of our generators are trailer-mounted for ease of delivery and placement on site. Our generators have full acoustic weather-proof canopies to help dampen noise.

We supply generators and power distribution to the largest public events in Guernsey

Will I need to hire a generator for my event?

Almost all outdoor events and functions for more than 50 guests will require a mobile generator. We offer advice to customers on this subject. We will make all the arrangements and take responsibility for everything running smoothly.

Safety advice for private functions

Caterers often require a great deal of power – just one 3.5 Kilowatt hot water boiler will use up the supply from the nearest 13 amp socket. Not to mention the demands of lighting marquees, a DJ or band, etc. You could run half a dozen extension cables from the nearest house, BUT this is not recommended! Apart from the obvious danger of taking power outdoors, you will soon overload and trip the house power. There are also the Guernsey fire regulations and health and safety guidelines to consider.

We can provide a safe and cost-effective solution for your power requirements.

We are continually investing in generators and the latest outdoor rated power distribution equipment.

Power distribution hire

A generator of course is no good if you can’t plug anything into it.

We offer a large stock of single and three-phase extension cables. Along with junction boxes, fused and RCD protected splitter/break out boxes and more. Everything you could possibly need to power your wedding, event or show.

We can also supply your event with marquees, furniture, lighting audio & PA, toilets and many, many other items.

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