Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to address the most commonly asked questions; however, if you have a specific query please contact us. We have also included some of our terms and conditions regarding bookings, deposits and cancellation, our full terms and conditions can be found here.

What do Regency Events provide?

We can provide the majority of equipment for most events…

Equipment / Service Contractor / Supplier
Marquees Regency Events
Furniture (tables & chairs, etc) Regency Events
Table linen hire Regency Events
Catering No, please ask if you need advice
Generators and power distribution Regency Events
Portable toilets and toilet trailers Regency Events
Staging and dance floors Regency Events
Small public address systems for speeches Regency Events
Outdoor PA systems and commentary trailers Regency Events
Lighting (including for disco or small band) Regency Events
Very large stage lighting sets Regency Events
Event decor and backdrops, etc Regency Events
Specialist props for theme events Regency Events
Portable heating Regency Events
Miscellaneous hire items Regency Events

First contact, site visits and quotations

(for marquee hire or larger events)

Initially please contact us with your event date and your basic requirements. We will arrange a site visit to measure up the site and to discuss your requirements in more detail. We will prepare a detailed quotation and, if necessary, a site plan.

Quotations have a time limit as we may only have a certain amount of equipment available for your event date. If you would like to make a confirmed booking, we advise that you do this as soon as possible after receiving the quotation. Bookings are often confirmed 12 to 18 months before the event.

Please note during the busy months of June, July and September we may have limited time available to do site visits and quotations for jobs for the following year due to the pressure of work in hand.

Confirming a booking

(for marquee hire or larger events)

We will require a signed copy of the quotation and a deposit to confirm your booking. At this point we will check everything on the quotation is still available for your date and reserve all the equipment for you.

Deposits and payment terms

(Bailiwick of Guernsey residents, local companies or organisations)

We will require a 50% deposit with your booking for marquee hire or larger events. After the event we will invoice you for the remaining balance plus any extras or adjustments. You should receive a final invoice a week or two after the event and we require the final balance to be paid within 14 days please.


Deposits and payment terms

(NON local residents, companies or organisations)

For non local residents, companies or organisations we will require a 50% deposit with your booking and the remaining 50% must be paid at least 30 days prior to the event. After the event we will invoice you for any extras or adjustments which should be paid within 14 days. Please note that equipment will not be made available to any non resident of the Bailiwick of Guernsey unless full payment of the quoted amount has been made 30 days in advance of the event.

Payment terms for small jobs or furniture hire, etc

For smaller events and furniture hire we will not usually require a deposit, especially for regular Bailiwick of Guernsey customers. If your requirements are straight forward we can can book your job in the dairy and invoice you after the event. Please settle invoices within 14 days, thank you.

Payment methods

We accept cheques or BACS / electronic transfers. If you wish to pay via electronic transfer you will find our bank details on the quotation. We don’t accept cash, credit cards or debit cards.

Cancellation terms

(What if I need to cancel a booking before the event)?

Once you have confirmed a booking and paid a deposit; if you wish to cancel you must advise us in writing please. If your event was more than 12 months from the date we receive your letter we will refund all money paid. Cancellations within 6 to 12 months will incur a 25% charge of the full quotation amount (if you have paid a 50% deposit, we will refund half of this). Cancellations within 3 to 6 months will incur a 50% charge of the full quotation amount and less than 3 months of the event date will incur the full quoted hire charge, less any insurance and labour quoted.

Can I alter a quotation once booked?

Tinkering with the quotation by the customer is all part of the service! Minor changes are to be expected, including a change of guest numbers, and we will endeavour to accommodate as many minor alterations as are required. In most cases this will not require a new quotation and minor changes can be reflected on the final invoice.

Marquee sizes (What size do I need)?

This is actually a complicated question, which is why we need to do a site visit and discuss your requirements with you. The size of the marquee will depend on the available site space, whether your event is standing or seated (and how many seated to a table), the marquee layout, whether your are having a cold buffet or hot food waiter service, whether you are having a band with a stage or DJ and a dance floor, etc.

Marquee hire period

(When will you put up the marquee and take it down?)

If you are using the marquee for one day (for example a wedding reception on a Saturday) then this is a one day event, regardless of how long the marquee is on site. If say we erected your marquee on the Thursday and dismantled on the Monday, you will not be charged any extra.

Every week is different and we will produce a work plan for the week of your event and let you know when to expect us on site. Wherever possible we will try to accommodate special requests.

What about sloping sites, hard surfaces and awkward sites for marquees?

Over the years we have erected marquees over swimming pools, over douits, on the side of cliffs, joined to buildings, on sloping sites, over multi level patios, steps, tarmac, rockeries, on top of buildings and around small trees. We use a variety of aids including scaffold bases and adjustable uprights to solve most difficult situations. Often the most unlikely site ends up looking fantastic, so please don’t be put off asking for a site visit.

Do you provide heating?

Heating the Marquee from Regency EventsYes, we can provide warm air ducted heating or other types of marquee heating. This can be included on the quotation or may be added nearer the hire date. We have a limited number of heaters so it’s advisable to include the cost in advance if you are unsure.

Do you hire marquees in the winter?

Yes, our modern temporary structures are suitable throughout the year. We can provide ducted heating, wooden floors, fitted carpets and proper doors. Christmas a New Year’s Eve marquees have been popular, but any time of year is suitable. We can even house a toilet trailer inside a heated toilet marquee!

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